本(“Hon”) is a Chinese character (“kanji” if we are referring to the Japanese language) that can be translated to “origin, base, foundation”, it also means “book”. Interestingly enough, the composition of this character includes the kanji for tree (木, which is read “moku” or “ki”).

I have decided to call this piece本because it contains the elements of what has been up to now the foundation of my explorations into art: use of discarded and repurposed materials, markers and acrylics, hyperbolic curves generated out of straight lines, the Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8..) and the use of primary colors.

The theme is also a tree (木), with a depiction of its foundation (本). The colors in the tree canopy evoke the sky, the sun, leaves (chlorophyll), soil, water and fruit. All of which are part of the foundations of life and the fundamental elements of nature.

Materials: masonite board, sharpie marker, acrylics.

Size: 13.5”x  23.75”

P.D: Gracias a Carmen y a Rolando por mi nuevo set de pinturas!


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