Mangrove Minion in the Dark (an etching)

2013-12_Minion in the Dark

For Christmas, my wife gave me a couple of etching plates, etching paper, and most importantly, time with my mother-in-law, Elena Gil, who is a wonderful artist.

This was my first attempt at etching. It was a wonderful experience, learning the different techniques used for etching. Elena is an excellent teacher. I received a private master class in etching. Priceless!

The wonderful photos are by my father-in-law, Jose Antonio Terife, who is also an excellent artist, photographer and designer.

Check out Elena’s amazing work here (and buy a piece or two!):

Thank you to my wife, Elena, Jose Antonio and my family for their love and support.

And now to the process…

The design is inspired in the roots of mangrove trees. I grew around these trees, and I think that they are beautiful.

Burning the rosin onto the zinc plate.


Transferring the design to the plate

Covering the design with hard ground

Burning the plate in a bath of nitric acid and water (tricky business…)

5 6
Cleaning the plate

Preparing the ink and inking the plate

9 8

Operating the printing press

DSC_0010 a
Two prints and the plate (we made a total of 6 prints)

Relaxing after a hard day’s work…

DSC_0162 a


6 thoughts on “Mangrove Minion in the Dark (an etching)

  1. Que bello, no sólo el arte sino la forma de aprenderlo y compartirlo…. Familia los quiero muchoooo y ánimos porque el trabajo es hermosooo

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